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Well, we are fast approaching that time of year again where the inevitable holiday season rush kicks into full gear.

This year has been one for the ages and one I'm sure, in many ways, we hope the like of which we never see or experience again.  Thanks COVID-19!

As a maker of handmade wooden cutting boards I often hear "I thought wooden cutting boards encouraged bacteria and are unhygienic" or "I worked in a restaurant and they are required by the health department to use plastic or stainless steel".
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I absolutely love live edge and so do my customers... So I'm excited to introduce these wonderful large heavy duty Birdseye maple chopping blocks to my online store.
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It has been nearly three years since I started making my Board Butter and I knew from the outset I would make my own wood conditioning products for my kitchen accessories.
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End grain cutting boards or chopping blocks are my favourite cutting surface and generally are the best for food hygiene and preserving sharp knife blades.
I've always liked the arts and crafts style (sometimes referred to as mission style) of furniture.  Simple, well constructed joinery is what appeals most to me.
Caring for your cutting board properly is important for maintaining it in tip top condition and keep it performing properly for years to come.
A few months ago, while stacking my firewood in preparation for the coming onslaught of another Canadian winter, I came across a number of larger logs that had not been split.